Single Use Pulse Lavage for Spinal Surgeries

Single Use Pulse Lavage is a high quality, single use high pressure pulse lavage system for surgery. the product has been developed based on high demands and requirements of surgeons.
Single Use Pulse Lavage is aready to use product for surgery. The system is pre packed with irrigation and suction nozzles, which are customized for the respective usage area. the purpose is to give the surgeon different options depending on what kind of surgery he/she will perform. Also included is a splash shield.
Single Use Pulse Lavage offers high performance with constant effect and no power reduction. Single Use Pulse Lavage is flexible with intgrated irrigation and suction and has a locking on/off trigger.
The light weight ergonomically designed handle is comfortavble and easy ro use. It offers the user high precision during surgery.

E-9 Single Pulse LAvage System for Spinal Surgeries

Product Features & Benefits
Value Proposition
With its ease of use and effective cleaning E-9 Irrigator. offers efficiency and convenience.
throughout the procedure potentially resulting in reduced risk of revisions for the patient.
Key Features
Single use system
For spine irrigation use only
Complete system
high performance
Battery driven
Ergonomic handle
Locking trigger switch
Various nozzle options
Hard &narrow nozzle : stainless Steel
Soft nozzle : Silicon
Wide nozzle with Suction

8. Hard &narrow nozzle
9. Soft nozzle
10. Wide nozzle with Suction